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Get ready for a profound planetary blessing in the form of voluptuous Venus arriving in your 7th House of Others today. You're inspired to be extra… Continue. Taurus, when it's your birthday it's time to pull out all the stops. We're not talking fanfare or loud parties here -- that's not really your style.

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You do, however, relish the kind of celebration that indulges all of your senses in the most intoxicating way. Your sign, more than any other, has an almost sacred connection to the earth and this physical world we live in. As a result, anything that involves an opportunity to maximize your capacity to taste, touch, smell, see or hear will result in instant bliss. With each passing year you get even better -- like a fine wine.

What makes you happiest is knowing that you continue to build your own personal legacy and empire as you utilize your special talents in a grounded, enduring way. Since you're also the money sign of the zodiac, you have a gift for creating lasting wealth. Nothing will stop you once you've made a decision or started a project. Ironically, your greatest strength may also be your weakness. Tenacity can help you achieve unlimited goals, but if you become too locked in your stubborn ways, you might miss out on important opportunities to grow.

Remember, when life demands change, the more you dig in your heels, the more you sabotage your soul. Don't get stuck in a rut! Your Personal Year Number for is 4 - Read below the forecast for the current year According to your personal year number 4, this is the fourth year of 9 years cycle. Due to last year laziness and lack of focus on your goals, in this year you have to work hard for your aims. Despite this, you will find slowly but steady progress in this year. You should keep eyes on health-related issues, therefore you should maintain time for health such as exercise and yoga. In this year, at least, you learn the importance of hard work, so, focus on build foundation for future at the starting of the year.

Do not take risks in finance and, care of yourself. Your Personal Year Number for is 5 - Read below the forecast for the next year According to your personal year number 5, this is the fifth year of 9 years cycle.

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As you have read the bold text, in this year you may face many changes in personal and financial life. You have inner desire to be free from everything, from burdens and, routine work. You should stay away from negativity and stress, should not feel like a loser. You will find the new opportunity and ways, and you should act fast for this. Listen to your inner voice, act like a soldier and work like an ant.

Sun Sign - Simply, the Sun exists in which zodiac sign called Sun sign. The Sun is known for inner Soul, so the Sun Soul exists in which sign, the Soul is influenced by the lord planet of the sign and, the traits of the sign reflected in the soul. If 9 October is your birthday, then your sun sign is Libra You are influenced by the Venus who is lord planet of Libra.

You have inner desire to be logical and expert in every work. You have the cheerful and cooperative personality.

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You tend to be the rich, glamorous and luxurious person. You are known as a loving husband or wife who has the great romantic image.

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You perform the same behaviour to people which you face from them, therefore you have numbers of enemies and friends. You have a magnetic and social image with the sense of beauty.

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Sometimes, you being rude and jealous when things do not happen according to your desire. Don't Worry, read or download your astrology predictions reports and Complete Numerology Profile Reading at once. In the above birthday reading, you find birthday number predictions and personal year numerology forecast for the current year and next year.

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