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Ask yourself: does this evolve my soul? Take an edgy or even radical approach to this as Mars opposes Chiron in your 6 th on the 9 th. This especially applies to anything that touches on your daily routine or wellbeing. If working smarter or with more joy is your aim for the coming year — time to showcase what you have to offer or if your work is unpaid, shake up the way you do things so that your daily tasks energise you rather than drain you. You may suddenly become aware of how your environment or certain people impact on how you feel for example.

Once you make a connection between these areas — again, use that peak energy to do something about it. The feel-good factor you get from taking action on it will put you back where you need to be. In full flow once more instead of circling that energy drain! Strike a deal with yourself, over a work matter, a job or a wellness approach that sets you free from that rut as the Sun in your 12 th illuminates first Ceres in your sector of money and self-worth and then Jupiter on the 11 th and 14 th.

This could see you striking a bargain that is very much in your favour and promises either greater financial freedom or boosts your self-worth. Be open minded as to where discussions or even that talk with a stranger, could lead you. Venus arrives in your 1 st from the 8 th lending the art of diplomacy to any talks but also enhancing how others perceive you. And showing everyone a new side of you as you do. You are now operating as a magnet for your dreams and desires — drawing the new to you as the Sun approaches your sign.

Prepare to be seen and to feel glamourous. Step into that higher love and optimism from the 23 rd when your birthday season officially begins. Above all, forge a new emotional connection with yourself and a fresh appreciation for all you have to offer as the new Moon appears in your 1 st on the 28 th. No matter what date your birthday falls on, the new Moon in your sign always marks the astrological fresh start of your new cycle. Ask yourself what step no matter how small can you take today towards making one personal dream a reality? Then take it. This new Moon falls opposite Uranus in your 7 th.

They could represent the next stage in your love evolution. Somebody could just answer on your frequency. This includes how you love as well as who you love — or will love, in the coming year, Scorpio! In a nutshell: Be the love change you want to experience in your new cycle, Scorpio. Your birthday season sets the mood for love — or who you will love in the coming year.

Time for the love evolution! Look forward to a cycle like no other you have experienced before, Scorpio. After playing host to Jupiter in your 1st during , you should be stepping into the New Year in optimistic and confident form. Adjusting or updating your image and enhancing your appearance. Your personal belief system may have also had a make-over and you should leave with a much better understanding of how you really feel and what truly matters to you.

All of this insight should have now resulted in an inner certainty when it comes to those values. And all this is what you need to stay connected to in with Jupiter spending the majority of this year in your house of money, assets, talents, self-worth and values. If you are successful at discerning the difference, then a cycle of abundance and monetary and soul satisfaction awaits. If you have neglected to put a clearly defined value system in place however, you will give in to extravagance and fritter away any gains this year wants to deliver.

Know what it is you need and how you expect to be treated. You are also in one of the most important cycles you have ever experienced when it comes to partnerships, and I will have more to say about this shortly. Jupiter in your 2nd wants to expand your experience of the material world and how you relate to it. This house is ruled by Venus who also begins the New Year in here arriving on Jan 7. And Venus is all about relationships. This year should see at least one opportunity to increase your bank account present itself.

All about Scorpio

But it all boils down to how you feel about money and when you have more of it, what you can learn from handling it — one way or another. Although you should steer clear of extravagance, Jupiter in here will usually put you in a position where you can contemplate buying something big.

It may surprise you what deals can be done. Good times and good company are all one the agenda. Do however, define those values as success in really does begin and end with these. What is truly important to you? Not certain? Begin with your past purchases. What continues to bring joy and what did you buy that in the moment you felt you had to have but which you quickly grew tired of or no longer use? This can be anything from that outfit to a piece of exercise equipment.

Scorpio - Horoscope - by Michele Knight

What do you love to do and what have you spent money doing you now feel was a waste of this and your time? This should show you clearly what you need as opposed to what you think you want and where your values lie. Money truly does talk if we care to listen. You would have to be living on your ruler Pluto not to know that Uranus, planet of awakenings and freedom, is due to spend approximately seven years in your 7th of partnerships starting in March.

This was just a brief first date before it turned retrograde an headed back into your 6th for one final revolutionary overhaul of your work and wellbeing sector. March 6 sees it return to your 7th where it will remain until If you are single, you will use this as your litmus test to work out if the connection has long term potential or not.

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And as you come closer to a value system that is truly your own, expect your priorities to undergo a radical shift. The freedom you crave now in your close personal ties is the freedom to be yourself. To stretch, to experiment and to explore the potential in any connection. By the time this cycle is over, you will relate to yourself and to others, in a totally different way.

Be aware that Uranus shocks and frees us from anything that shackles or holds us back. Uranus shakes us up and shakes our world. If a relationship has run its course, Uranus in our 7th brings it to an end whether we take action on it or not.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 29th May 2018

Often this is via the actions of the other party and due to the fact we have put off doing anything about it. If you are settled and your relationship is built on a solid foundation, Uranus in here allows you to evolve your connection in new and exciting ways. If you are single, expect a connection with someone who is highly individual, possibly glamourous, most definitely exciting and who makes you feel utterly and totally alive in a way you may not have felt before.

Stay connected to your intuition during March and April. Uranus in your 7th wants you to balance this with logic. As well as its arrival in your 7th during March you have something highly unusual occurring in your 12th house of mysteries, hidden truths and psychic abilities. Two full Moons will appear in here over two consecutive months. This is a highly unusual event which will pack a big psychic punch. Whatever you do, steer clear of moodiness. Have the courage to follow your intuition especially when it comes to your relationships. These two full Moons — one of them a Supermoon point to peak emotional experiences which could literally lift you out of the ordinary and transport you to the extraordinary.

Balance the head and the heart and take the initiative if you have issues in your relationship. If you need answers, they will be supplied now. May sees Venus meet Uranus for the first time in her ruling sign of Taurus and your 7th also her ruling house. This is truly one of the best times for attracting love or any kind of partnership opportunity. Be open to who or what appears. While in here Venus will also make a magical angle to ruler Pluto in your 3rd transforming one key connection via communication.

This is your house of commerce and ideas so business ventures of all descriptions are also favoured now. Get talking. You have the stars from now until October and beyond. For the non-film buffs out there, the film tells the transformation of frumpy, neurotic and overweight heiress Charlotte Davis who has spent her life devalued and disempowered by her domineering mother.

Through the intervention of a caring psychiatrist, Charlotte rebuilds her self-worth, reclaims her power and becomes a confident woman. She travels. Flings get flung. How is this relevant to you? The Charlotte. And the new Moon in your 9th and total eclipse of the Sun on July 2 in your 9th marks the start of your particular journey. You may not know yet where you are heading.

Trust where you will be led. The period of the 14th — 21st July will provide you with more information as the Sun and Venus in here will oppose ruler Pluto in your 3rd. Expect revelations and your direction to be revealed — or at the very least the next stage of the journey. Uranus is going to turn retrograde in your 7th from Aug 12 and will remain so for the rest of this year. Revisit the past to set your direction for the future. Talk, blog, vlog, write, message and speak about those ideas or what you have on your mind this week.

And to as many people as possible, Libra. Especially when it comes to experiences? Think about those goals which would enrich you on an inner level. And also would provide you with memories that would keep the experience alive for you long after it was over. These include ruler Venus which along with the Sun this week, trines Jupiter in your 3 rd. You can not only get your ideas or message across to more people than ever before, but receive the result you were hoping for back. Travel is very much top of the possible wishes that can be granted now as Mercury moves into your 11 th and is set to clear retroshadow in a few days.

Lucky breaks with work or business, bold moves into a brave new way of communicating and connecting are just some of the benefits which could be delivered now. Venus will not make this particular angle to Jupiter from this house for another 12 years. Open up as many ways as you can for them to do this. And as many ways as you can to connect to people right now. Vesta in your 8 th is all about how powerful you feel when it comes to handling your assets, money, property and investments.

How secure do you feel when it comes to this? Changes around your home or living arrangements or even you income are down to your own best efforts and put you in a better position for the future. That new sense of self-empowerment should be enough to further fuel what you have to say.

Words, ideas and thoughts have wings. And are homing pigeons bearing answers to wishes this week. In a nutshell: Send out those ideas, messages and words winging far and wide this week, Libra. Ensure you reach as many people as possible. Perfect that presentation, career move, CV or professional image this week, Scorpio.

And get ready to work what you have like a boss! Take pride in your talents, skills and experience and show people that you are a force to be reckoned with. How do you want to be seen and perceived? And how do you want to be rewarded for what you do? But also by those in your personal life too. Our 10 th house is not just about how far we can climb but also our public image and reputation. So act with this in mind at all times and ensure you are coming across as how you want to be seen.

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Also in here are ancient ruler Mars and Juno giving you the ability to forge long term alliances that can benefit you. You also have the backing on ruler Pluto in your 3 rd angling to Vesta in your 7 th. In this case, look to any power issues in partnerships — whether existing or potential. This is why you need to ensure you are taken seriously.

Serious belief in yourself and your worth leads to serious results this week, Scorpio. In a nutshell: Time to get serious. About how you want to be seen and above all, how you want to be treated by others. Let others know you mean business this week. Ruler Jupiter will finally head direct again next week.

Bringing to an end any feelings of spinning those wheels, Sag. These include the Sun and also Venus. Both of which trine Jupiter this week on the 7 th and 8 th respectively. This could release you from that static situation, send others off to the airport, passport in hand or for some, mark an important point of embarkation.

Scorpio horoscope for 17 may 2018

The start of a metaphorical journey into something bigger. And this week marks the end of the inertia. Has money or a stifling situation been holding you back? Vesta is very much at home in your 6 th as it vibes off the pristine and detail-focussed energy of this house.

Vesta however is all about power in its own quiet way and can also bring up gender politics in the workplace. One male boss at the top in a largely female dominated profession for example. Now, this may not be a bad thing as it all depends on the male in charge. Is the environment cooperative or competitive? Just because someone has authority or power does not mean they abuse it. The angle Vesta makes to Pluto in your 2 nd could see you hired or rewarded in a working situation where one gender dominates. If you are male, this could see you in the reverse position if you are not the one in charge yourself.

In other words, a minority in a female dominated organisation. Vestal virgins kept the sacred flame alight in ancient Rome. And this can refer to us working in the background or over a long period of time to reap rewards. That bigger experience may be the recognition coming your way at last, Sag.

In a nutshell: Barriers to progress vanish. Put that feeling of spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast behind you now. Life shifts back into high gear, Sag.

Scorpio Monthly Astrology Horoscope October 2019

Where do you want to go next? All down to the massive line up of planets in your 8 th. The Sun and Venus in your 8 th align with Jupiter in your 12 th this week. Something as fundamental as just a change in your outlook or the richness of a soul experience, can send your life off in a new direction.

This week could bring you one of those moments. Hearing from someone from your past or news around something you had thought lost or over with, could be an unexpected bonus. Mercury has only a few more days of retroshadow left while Jupiter heads direct next week. Pluto in your 1 st asks if you have a crush on someone who others also desire as it trines Vesta in your romantic 5 th.

If so, the question is: do they desire you back? If you feel you have to compete for their love or attention, this particular transit is telling you why bother? Go find someone whose focus is you and only you. Both these planets in their own way carry messages about power. In the case of Pluto in your 1 st , this is about your power and owning it. Being powerful should not mean insisting on having things your own way. Nobody gets that. Have the confidence to buy out of any powerplays. Leaving the past in the past could involve having the power to know you are enough now. In a nutshell: Your cycle of change continues.

And this week the change could involve knowing how powerful you are. Powerful enough not to need to compete with anyone for love, Capricorn. Come and get your love, Aquarius. You have a total of five, yes, five planets in your 7 th of partners and long term commitment now.

Psychic News

This includes asteroid Juno which rules traditional unions of all descriptions. Venus which rules this house is also in here. Plus you have the Sun, Mars heating up that passion and Mercury which re-enters on the 11 th. The Sun and Venus will trine Jupiter in your 11 th of social connections and goals, wishes and dreams on the 7 th and 8 th respectively. If you are single or even seeking a long term job, working relationship, friendship or business partner, you will not have another opportunity like this to become your perfect double act for another 12 years.

Already coupled up? This could see you taking that union to the next level or else coming up with a new joint vision that cements your future together. It literally is all about togetherness this week. Think of the myriad ways you can couple up or be part of something bigger with someone. Other matters fall closer to home now as Vesta in your 4 th trines Pluto in your 12 th.

Too much time at home keeping those home fires burning? Do you desire more — more love, people, connections, experiences? Fan that spark into a flame and take action, Aquarius. In a nutshell: Double acts, dynamic duos, twosomes and long term love features this week, Aquarius. Get coupled up in friendship, work or romance! Mercury which rules your 6 th re-enters it this week and joins the Sun, Venus, Mars and Juno in here.

Plus you have Vesta in that other Mercury-ruled house 3 rd angling to Pluto in your 11 th. This week is all about your career, your job, selling yourself and your talents, abilities and skills with potentially rewarding results to follow — and possibly sooner than you think. The line up in your 6 th adds up to increased confidence in what you do and how you do it. This along with angles between the Sun and Venus and Jupiter in your sector of long term career and reputation, could see you reaching for that next rung — or perhaps several above it, on that career ladder.

Now is the time to discover just what you are capable of, Pisces. Good news regarding that job application, interview, pitch or proposal could be on its way. Especially next week when Mercury will exit retroshadow and Jupiter moves forward again. The trine between Vesta in your 3 rd and Pluto in your 11 th could shift how others see you or else see an influential or powerful ally put your case forward for that position or offer assistance in some way.

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The people you encounter this week are a reflection of who you are evolving into. In a nutshell: Are you ready to discover just how capable and successful you can be, Pisces? Work and career defining moves propel you up the ladder of success. The only failure is not trying at all. Share it with your friends!