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Cancer is at the northernmost declination, and Capricorn is southern. The Progressed Moon rises and falls in a 28 year cycle, spending 7 years in each "season," beginning with the cardinal signs.

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We all go through peaks and valleys through the seasonal cycle. The dimension of declination provides indispensable insight to our evolution as seen through progressions.

A Time of Reckoning with Eric Meyers

Part 1. Part 2.

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The Astrological Biorhythm. He has a M. Books: amazon. Webinar recording Part 1. Eric Meyers.


Nadia Smirnova-Mierau. While not a beginning text on chart interpretation, anyone with basic familiarity with the astrological language will have no trouble reading it. Seasoned consulting astrologers will find a new perspective that generally augments rather than challenges existing approaches. Armand Diaz, Ph. His books include Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World and Transpersonal Astrology , as well as his most recent book, Separating Aspects , on relationship astrology.

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The Awakening Approach The first part of the book is outlines of his awakening approach to astrology. Astrology and Counseling The second half of the book is devoted to counseling, and here is where new material is presented.

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Author Eric Meyers, MA. You may also like. Armand Diaz Armand Diaz, Ph.