Sagittarius weekly horoscope 21 november

Built into the warp and weft of your days is the urge to make changes that can have a positive impact on your future.

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

It is time to consider what really motivates you and what sets your heart soaring. And if you have an idea what this is, make a start when you feel ready. While your social zone continues to be active Archer, the movement of sweet Venus into your psychological zone, can see you spending time with others who share your beliefs and spiritual ideals. You may find that joining a yoga or meditation group inspires you in so many ways, and you'll get to connect with others who are eager to live to their full potential and enjoy life. With a major focus on a subtle sector, you seem to be doing a sterling job of resolving issues that now need closure.

As you do, you could experience a rush of positive energy. Even so, there may be one small matter where you have a blind spot Archer, and it could come to light in a family discussion. Don't feel bad about this as we all have them, but do make use of any such insights.

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Your Sagittarius Love scope is updated every Friday ahead of the weekend and gives hints as to relationship and emotional trends for the next seven days. These scopes are unique to horoscopes. If you want to learn more about astrology, please visit the Faculty of Astrological Studies website at www. Interested in the Financial Universe and learning more about it from one of the most respected key players in the astrology speaking circuit?

While Saturn is asking you to be responsible with your money, Uranus wants you to find a more authentic approach to your job, daily life, and routines.

Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius by Deborah Browning:

This can be tricky at times, but manageable. Irregular schedules and perhaps some disruptions and tensions are possible this year as you adjust to this influence. Your working hours may become non-traditional, or a job may be unconventional. Work that is limiting or lifeless drags you down more than usual. It would be wise to find work that offers you not only variety and stimulation but also the chance to invent and create. You may also take an interest in alternative health methods.

You would benefit greatly from yoga or other mind-body therapies now. Uncertainty about living arrangements or conditions can figure strongly in , too, and can sometimes throw you off your game. This is due to an ongoing Jupiter-Neptune square that holds some potential to waste your time or could lead to passing over opportunities, only if you let it.

Watch for procrastination and escapism, especially, and for attaching yourself to impractical ventures. Doing more sharing seems to compete with your desire to be self-sufficient. You get tremendous support this year for your efforts to take charge of your finances, develop your talents, and find new ways to make money from hidden or current resources, as well as for business development.

Most of is about exploration and discovery as you test your boundaries, express yourself, and enjoy greater confidence. Saturn left your sign last year, not to return for another 28 years, and in , Jupiter is in Sagittarius, dear Sagittarius. This can feel much like a rebirth!

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This influence is strong all around, as it serves to increase your confidence and personal influence. People truly enjoy you during this cycle.

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You seem to be in your own terms at this time, and while this transit is more about rediscovering your independence and spark than it is about getting cozy with a partner, it does enhance your sense of self and this has positive reverberations for your love life. Ideally, last year you said goodbye to things that no longer contributed to your growth, and for some of you, this may have included a relationship. Alternatively, this has been a time of major re-assessment of goals.

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Adjustments were required to move forward with more confidence. People enjoy your company and are drawn to your positive energy. You feel more entitled to happiness and rewards, and this tends to bring positive opportunities into your life.

Your confidence in yourself and faith in the world are growing exponentially. You are more willing to enjoy new experiences and to rid yourself of those things that have been holding you back from truly living and owning your life.

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The last time Jupiter transited your sign was from November to December and before that, from December to January Note: Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day. For example, if you are a Sagittarius with an Aquarius Ascendant, read the forecast for both Sagittarius and Aquarius. Future Forecast Report. All About Sagittarius Sagittarius Ascendant.